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Montagne Sainte Victoire

Sainte-Victoire Massif Cézanne’s muse

Known as the favourite model of the famous painter Cézanne, the Sainte-Victoire Massif remains a paradise for hikers today.
Just 25 kilometres from Le Provençal campsite, you can discover an amazingly preserved natural environment. Nearly 250 km of hiking trails criss-cross the Sainte-Victoire Massif which stretches from Aix-en-Provence to Pourrières. Follow them to fully soak up the magnificent scenery which inspired some 80 or so paintings by Cézanne. You can also visit his studio which has been left intact since his death. 

Amidst this extraordinary nature, Sainte-Victoire Mountain stands tall. This symbol of Provence and muse of Cézanne culminates at an elevation of 1,011 metres.

A professional guide can accompany you so you can enjoy the scenery and the walk with complete peace of mind. 

Feel free to check the hiking paths and excursions on offer. Plan out your day on the Sainte-Victoire Massif and come back with your head full of fabulous images!

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